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Our Personal Trainers will guide you through your individual fitness programme. Your body and mind will always be challenged so therefore always improving.

We will encourage changes in eating habits and will offer a full nutritional diet tailored to suit you.


KEYFIT COACHING also provides online coaching which has become popular with the recent outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. Whether you enjoy the shear atmosphere and camaraderie of the group fitness or you want to supplement your existing training plan, then our sessions are flexible enough to suit your every need.

                    ‘At home or in a private training facility, to fit into your schedule’












Alongside your training KEYFIT COACHING can provide you with excellent coaching to further enhance your progression as we don’t assume that you know your nutritional needs which is as important as the training itself, Nutrition is just as important as training when it comes to all aspects of fitness and to get the best results your diet needs to be looked at in as much detail as your fitness programme.

This will include eating plans not only for healthier living but also for optimum performance and overall wellbeing. We will monitor what you eat using a food diary and how this affects you, offer advice on what to be eating and when, and the quantities you should be consuming. As well as this we can assist you with any supplement requirements you may need, as supplements can further enhance and assist the results you achieve.

You will be required to have an initial assessment, consultation and will be asked to fill in a medical and lifestyle questionnaire, so that we can develop a programme for your needs.

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